Fastest Way to find a Payables Invoice

Our auditor wants to pick random items, find the invoice they were on and see if the costs from the computer match what’s on the paper to verify everything is correct. Yes there will be a bunch of pulling paid invoices out of the file cabinets…not fun. What I need to do is drill into an item’s purchases. Find the last purchase, navigate. This lets me find the purchase receipt. But how can I navigate from the purchase receipt to the purchase invoice without having to manually write down the order number & then match order numbers in the Vendor legder entries? Do I have to write a new report or is there something I’m missing? Thanks for your help…

Hope I understand you correctly. On the Item Ledger Entry press Ctrl+F5. This will display the Value Entries. From here you can navigate directly to the invoice.

Actually when I go from the item card right to the Value entries I can find it. But not from going to the item ledger entries first. It probably has to do with drilling into the qty on hand field to get to the ledger entries since the qty on hand field is filtered. If I did it from the command button I probably wouldn’t have had a problem. Thanks!

Ctrl+F5 from the Item Card → Item Ledger Entries → Ctrl+F5 from Item Ledger Entry → Value Entry → Navigate