Family Order

I want create a family order from a sales order but i failed. I want to manage a production of item by cut out a plat metal. The plat metal is not an item so i don’t want to create a BOM. It s easy to create manual family order but if i want to sell an item from a family i can’t create the order automaticaly. Than ks for help of your manage of special manufacturing (item order are easy).

Hi Stephane The family concept is used to group together items with a similar manufacturing process. On the source type of the production order you can define the source as a family and manufacture in this manner. However when you load a sales order the customer does not order a family, they order an item. Using the planning option from the sales order to create the production order you get no method of intervention - the relationship is tied on an item to item basis, and you cannot alter this. Therefore you cannot, as standard, create a fmaily production order direct from a sales order for the simple reason a family item is not ordered. You could of course load the family order manually to cover the demand.

Thank for your reply. I see that Navision is poor to manage the PO with cutting. regards.