Fallback principle in costing version AX2012

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Can any one explain the meaning of the “Fallback principle” in the costing version setup?


Your costing version holds your costs, the system searches it for costs, if it cannot find a cost it looks at the “fallback” principle. You can specify none, so it gets nothing else, or active which gets it from the item card or another costing version which you then specify. If you are not standard costed you would create one with a fallback principle of active with nothing in it except indirects and cost categories as an example.

Thanks adamRoue for your replay , in my case I’m not using the standard cost for items , I use only one costing version for cost categories prices , so as I understand from your post I will set this field to “None” , is this true?[:)]

I would set it to active to look at the item card and not the costing version. Not sure it obeys anything when it is a planned cost, but you could easily test it by having a cost on the item and putting it on a sales line and looking at the cost.