Fallback costing version


We have a scenario on our client using AX 2009 where they have planned cost costing versions for items and each month new version is created and costs are activated.

They want to avoid manual entries for costs and want to use the previous costing version to set the costs in the new versions. For this purpose we used the Fallback costing versions but the system is still calculating 0 price rather than using the price of the previous version.

Following example will explain:

Item 1 > Costing version for November > Cost price 20 (manually entered)

now we want to calculate automatically for costing version of December using November as Fallback costing version, but the system doesn’t calculate the price. It shows warning message: “Cost price doesn’t exist”. Shouldn’t it be calculating the price as 20 because of the fallback version? Are we doing something wrong here?


When you setup the principle you then need to setup the actual version. So I will presume a) you define the fallback as the November version, b) December is your current active one c) December has no cost entry for the item d) the item is NOT standard costed.

You also do not mention which process you are undertaking that is returning costs - for example if it is a BOM calculation this would potentially be a different setup. What are you doing and where are you seeing the zero cost?

Hi Adam,

Following is the data:



Model: FIFO

Costing Versions (Type: Planned cost):

1. Nov 2014

Cost price model: Version cost price

Fallback principle: None

2. Dec 2014

Cost price model: Version cost price

Fallback principle: Costing version

Fallback costing version: Nov 2014

I have manually created and activated the item cost (eg. $50) from the Item price form (opened from Item form) using Nov 2014 costing version for site 1.

Now I am going to create and activate the price for Dec 2014 costing version, but using the Calculation form, and following data appears on the form:

Costing version: Dec 2014

Site: 1

Fallback principle: Costing version

Fallback costing version: Nov 2014

On clicking OK the price is not calculated and following message appear for this item:

“The cost price is zero”

“Cost price doesn’t exist”

I am expecting $50 because it is the active cost of fallback costing version. Is this correct expectation?

Furthermore, It is not a BOM item but will be used in BOM which also need to be calculated after this. What different setup would be used for BOM calculation?


The calculation process is to calculate BOM items, so running this would produce no cost, although I am surprised you can.

What you need to do is run the calculation for the BOM item that includes this item using the Dec 2014 Costing version and then ensuring it returns the item at $50 in the BOM for the calculation.