Failed to logon to Microsoft Dynamics when running two reports


I have an issue where three users are getting an error when running one of two reports…

When these reports are run for these users get an error “Failed to login to Microsoft Dynamics” - all other reports work fine.

I have checked everything I can such as permissions (even made they System Administrators) but still get this issue.

Does anyone know what else I could check - or have you seen this issue before? Like I stated above 99% of reports work for these users and these reports in question work for other users with lesser permissions… I have stopped and restarted all servers - a bit extreme perhaps but I am running out of options on what it could be. I am told by these users that these reports did work at one time.


Thanks for your help in advance.


Any ideas / suggestions please?

Any help with this issue please?

This isn’t going to increase your chance to find a solution.

What could help is using the time to provide more information. For example, where do you see the error message? Does it work for other users except of those three? Do they have something in common? Have you tried to delete usage data? Do you see the same behavior for all print destinations? Isn’t there anything in event logs? What can you tell us about those reports? And so on…

Hi Martin

We see the error when running the report - it does work for other users, I have tried these reports on other machines logged in as these users and they dont work but for others it does. I have cleared the usage data for the affected users as well. The reports are standard unmodified ones.

Two of the users are system administrators and one is an accounts clerk. I have tested the issue with users with the same permissions and it works for them. Other reports all work fine for these three users.

I have also refreshed the axc file and placed in the Reporting server/bin directory as per other web search suggestions…

The reports are Work In Progress (Production Control - Reports - Balance - Work in Progress) and Fixed Asset Balances Report (Fixed Assets - Reports - Transactions - Periodic - Fixed Assets Balances)

Thanks for your help its greatly appreciated!

I would look at when exactly is fails - locating the place where things go wrong is usually a crucial step.

I would also review event logs - sometimes the reason is clearly written there but nobody bothers to look at it.