Failed to logon to microsoft dynamics on client machine

I have installed AX on client machine. But i am unable to connect to server.

Getting error “Failed to logon to Microsoft dynamics” do i need to create any user kindly suggest.

Hi aadi, welcome to Dynamics User Group forum. Please make sure that you ask in the right forum and attach appropriate tags. Most importantly, never forget a tag with your version of AX.

Regarding your problem, it seems that you’re not a user in this AX instance. Make sure that you’re connecting to the right AOS and then ask your AX administrator to give you access.

Thanks Martin

Next time i’ll tag, but i have installed ax on client machine and getting error on client machine.

Hi martin

Thanks problem is resolved but i found one thing i’ll have to import all users from active directory group then it will be connect.

The fact that you have to add users to AX before they can log in is not a problem, it’s the correct behaviour.