Failed to Log in in AX After data base restorei


I restored the database from one environment (XYZ) to another Environment (ABC). The data in both environment is very much different. Domain and Active directory is also different.

I stored all three (XYZ , XYZ_Model ,XYZ_Baseline) database in to ABC environment successfully. Now when I am Trying to open AX it’s throwing Log in failed error message.

I haven’t run any query or didn’t setup anything after restore. Kindly let me know if I need to do anything.

Hello Rahul,

there is one discussion on the same topic here , it may help you

also please move this to technical forum so that you will get more help

When you did the restore, did you set SQL to Single_User? I have run into issues with this when restoring where it will not let me proceed after I execute that query and start the restore. Or is it not letting you into AX?