Fail - Calculating BOM consumption - Picking list journal

Hello guys,

I am Trainee and sitting in a economic-position, i got some days to play with Microsoft AX 2009 - pretty fun, until now :(. My goal was to make a full production and finish with a sale. But i ran into a problem. All the vendors was there, but i have created some new products with BOM and a Route for my finish product. All in all i buy 5 raw materials, where 3 of them will go in production and be a semi-finished product. The remaining 2 raw materials and the 3 semi-finished will be a my finished product. I have also made all the secondary things like, cost-group, work center etc.

My purchase order is super. I receive all my Raw Materials, and they are ready. But when i try to make the production i got this fail… Its my semi-finished products there are failing and i get the attached fail. First time i working in this program. Anybody there can help?

Thanks in advance guys!


New Years Eve… Still trying to figure it out. Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Hi Chris

You are “Starting” production, you are telling AX to consume material, I am guessing you have not made the semi-finished product yet, so you are telling AX to consume something you dont have, you have configured it to stop this and so it is stopping you.

I suggest for the semi-finished you set the flishing method of the item to manual (put the raw material to start) then on the start prompt of the works order post consumption by flushing method). Of course it depends ultimately what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for the answer. I came one step furthere in the production and got so happy when my finish-product got the status “startet” (picture 1), from your help. But then it broked down again. I got this error (picture 2).

I think my problem is, somewhere in the setup, where i must tell the AX, they should take some of my RM and made it to SP with a machine. Because after i have ended those 3 product there should have machine-help (picture 1), i still have 0 available on my warehouse. (picture 3). Logically there must stand how many i have ended in the production to available in my SP (those product there have ‘ended’ status).

Again thanks for the kindness! I appreciate it.



Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

I suggest for your main production order you create a picking list journal manually if there is not one there already for the components. You will see the system tries, from your setup, to suggest the site and warehouse where the stock needs to be - your stock is currently not there.
Alternatively when you RAF the product, you can untick the end job and tick the accept error. This will RAF the production order, but the process to consume material has not been completed, so you are not processing “properly”.

Thanks. I will try to make the picking list journal.

Have a great day!


You could run the start process again, not tick the post picking list but create it “Always” rather than flushing method :slight_smile:

Okay. I have looked in out purchase order, and on the Packing slip it said i received everything, but when i took a look ind my on-hand there is nothing available. Thats maybe the problem?

Where can i have failed?


Go to the PO line and look at the inventory transactions. What is the status of it? On the general tab of the PO under the line quantity option what is the received quantity?
If received then go to the item and look at the transactions - select the same site and warehouse and look at the ins and outs - clearly there will be 0 there if your screen shot above is correctly viewed, but then you will see what took your stock once it was booked in - are you sure it is not the works order itself?

I have tried to pick some screenshots, maybe it can say more than i can. If this not can be worked out i will try to figure it out over the night, and then thanks for the help, Adam! I appreciate it and can conclude there is so much i need to learn… :slight_smile:

I make a purchase order to order from my vendor and like you can se i have tried so many times. It stands like i receive it, but are not available physical. My main WH is 15 and my qurantine is 18. It says the same under the Purchase order (reference - Quarantine order)

Do you want to use Quarantine Orders?

This means you receive the stock in, it then goes into quarantine, you then need to process it out of quarantine to have actually received it. The item model group is pushing it through quarantine as you have configured it, but unless you specically want to check everything prior to use I would not use this, I would configure the quality system.

Find the located quarantine order and process it through, then it will be out of quarantine and available for you to use.

If you went to the overview of on hand from the item (not PO) you would see it is in the defined quarantine warehouse.

Arh okay. Yes i want to use the Quarantine Warehouse. And i have the same problem with the warehouse without quarantine. But did you have any sense of how i can change my products from ordered to Available Physical?


You need to now undertake the quarantine process - you can see the order is it now associated with. When you turn on quarantine it is not available at receipt, you have to complete the quarantine process.

Okay, i will try to make the process. Thanks Adam! Have a great evening.

It’s worked, Adam! Everything is under my quarantine-house. Thats why it doesnt have worked!! YOU ARE THE BEST! THX