FactBox issue


this is my first post and I need some help with my new created FactBox.

It´s my goal to get additional information for items on the Sales Quote and Sales Order Pages. So I created a FactBox, based on the Comment Line table, where the Item informations are stored.

I added the FactBox to the pages and linked them using the SubFormLink property (Table Name=CONST(Item),No.=FIELD(No.),Line No.=FILTER(>0))

Well, so far, so good… when I select a sales line, filled with an item…additional information for this item are displayed correctly.

BUT…if I select an empty line, the FactBox shows up all information for all items stored in the Comment Line table.

Any suggestions how to solve this problem???

Thanks and with best regards


Hi Klaus,

Welcome to the user group.

I also had more issues with fact boxes than other pages. And what I have found out so far is that it’s really a matter of filtering and also resetting the values, depending on how the factbox has been created, if it’s supposed to display one record, or several records (like in your case).

The issue you have where it displays all lines is due to a missing or wrong filter. I see that you do set the filter, but somehow this is not enough. Sometimes you need to use the onFindRecord trigger in the form or the onAfterGetRecord trigger to clear the display if no line is actually selected.

My best suggestion is: Check out the code done to make the standard fact boxes to work. Try and error, and try again.

Hi Klaus,

Did you solve your problem?