Facing TDS problem

Hi All! Myself is Nidhi Mahajan,Chartered Accountant working as Functional Consultant in one the NSC’s . I am facing a problem in calclating TDS when I have to make payment in advance to the vendor. I am quoting an example: ABC Ltd. A/c Dr.(Vendor) Rs.600000 To TDS-Contractor Rs.13464 To WCT Rs.24000 To Bank Rs.562536 There is no problem in calculating TDS when I have to pass only 3 entries. E.g.Vendor A/c Dr. by 1000,TDS to be Cr. by200and the balancing a/c will be BAnk/Cash. But the problem lies in passing an entry involving 4 or 5 a/cs. I would be thankful if this problem will solve. Appologise For any stupid query. Thanks.

Hi Nidhi, I suggest you shift this topic to the india forum. Please give the complete transaction entries you wish to post. regards