Facing Problem at the time of Frx Configuration

Hi all I have installed the FRX 6.7 successfully. After creating my company in Frx Reports, While rebuilding the GL Index, it is asking for userid and password. I gave the Solomon Userid & Password it is throwing the following error. The Login failed for Company. Make sure the Login Id and Password are correct And verify the settings on system specific information Page in company information. If I click the details under error window it showing the Following error. FRX32.OFSIMain.CheckOFSIConnection 40002: Unable to verify Entity_Num in frl_entity table. Kindly help me in this regard Nagaraj Business Process Analyst Exceed

Hi Nagaraj, I am not sure whether you are working with Axapta or Solomon. Also I haven’t worked with FRX yet. But iif you want to work with Axapta, try providing an existing Axapta user ID and password. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

If you are on SQL Server, try adding the user in Security-Logins for that SQL Server Registration on Enterprise Manager. If it’s not there, you will not be able to log in to FRx unless you are “sa”.