Facing error "Info: Journal is OK.Error: 0" when posting service order


We are using AX 2009.

We are facing this error “Info: Journal is OK.Error: 0” when we try to post the service order line. It is coming even for manual entry.

The error is coming for some inventory items not for all items.

I have done the debugging. It is throwing error in the line “c += common.(fieldId);”. The method is Global.buf2Con.

I did the full compilation, db synchronization and AOS restart. But not resolved this issue.

We faced same kind of issue last time, we did the full compilation. It worked. But, this time it is not working.

Any idea?



What type of field is that?

Thanks for your reply.

The field is voucher and the table is TmpProjStatisticExcelPivot. This field data type is String and EDT is Voucher.

For example,
I have 10 lines in the service order. I am posting one by one. 3 lines got posted and from 4 to 10 lines getting same error. I tried to close and reopen the service order form and try to post the pending 7 lines. But same error.

But, If i close the AX and reopen then i am able to post another 3 lines (4,5 and 6). Then 7 to 10 getting same error message.

Any idea?

Try debugging and compare what is happening when it gets posted and when it fails with that error.