FA purchase order

dear all

i hope you are fine

i want purchase order for FA

for example i have quotation for 10 pcs of pc

i want make purchase order and each pc have different serial number

what i should be do?

open for each FA separate card and in order each one come separate line ?!?

or what i should be do ?

best regard

Open each separate FA Card for every serial no and then do purchasing for every line.

There is a field in item card called “Type”. You can create the FA item and set the type option as Service and Assign tracking on the item card as well.

No Need to create seperately.

Hope it works :slight_smile:

The Field initially not visible in the Page/Form. You have to insert it into the Page/Form from Development Environment.,

thanks for all

but i am sure it’s impossible to make separate because if you have purchase same 100 FA you cannot make 100 line it should be in one line only

also the serial NO. not there when make order it’s come later with invoice