FA Offset account

Hi All ,

AX 2012.

I have configured the vendor posting profile Summary Account - 2000 and FA postin profile - 15000.

Now when i try post the FA acquisition through the Vendor invoice journal system throws the error like FA Acquistion offset account is missing in the FA posting profile.

a) Why it is asking the FA Acquistion offset account in the FA posting profile ?

Next i have defined the FA Acquistion offset account - 58900 also in the FA posting profile .

Now i have created the Vendor invoice journal for the FA acquistion and posted the jorunal .

But entries are differently Like

Credit balance posting to - 58900 ( it suppose to post to 2000- vendor account )

Debit entry posing to - 15000

b) Why it is not posting to the Vendor account and why posting to FA Acquistion offset account?

Please share your experience.