FA journal problem - in data migration process

Hi all friends ,

We start t use FA module in Nav 2009 ,

Using Data migration tool , I finished the following tasks :

1- Identify all FA’s

2- Link all FA’s to appropriate depreciation books

3- Enter Acquisition cost for all items using FA general journal ( using table 81)

When I start doing the same with accumulated depreciation , all figures changed in abnormal manner , one of our technical team told that negative sign (-) causes some problems with string characters in the DB , however, he did something to fix this problem

all numbers appeared right , but when I tried to post the entry I got a message telling that the lines are out of balance with : .0000000035

can anyone help may to fix this , regarding to : I’m not so familiar with SQL DB issues

thanks in advance

This message comes when debit & credit amount is not matching

check wether you have selected balance account

Dear Amol ,

thanks for your interest and quick replies ,

I know the -reason for this message , in this case it happens because of some working in DB , so the difference is too small to be entered manually : .0000000035

I think I need a script or something like that to fix this problem in the DB.

by the way : I use a closing interim account to enter all opening balances , it debited by the sum off all amounts of accumulated depreciation.


Check whether rounding is set properly as well as rounding account.

What did your technical person did ?