FA Depreciation

Hi expert,

Example I purchase my FA December 26, 2012 for 38,731.25 life is 5 years.

In December 31, 2012 I will run my Depreciation how can I have a full month depreciation of 645.52? not 107. 52?

How to setup?


Usually FA which is purchased in the middle of depreciation calc period is not depreciated in that period at all, even not partially, it starts with next full period, but if your requirement is as you describe, you can enforce day count to full month.

First, you must calculate that FA separately and BEFORE all other FAs by entering that FA No in filter. This will guarantee, that other FAs will not be affected.

Then, in Calculate Depreciation / Options there is a checkmark Enforce no of days - check it, and enter Force no of days as needed (30, 31) and run the batchjob.

If you have already calculated and posted the wrong amount, you can manually add the missing depreciation amount through FA GL journal (or FA journal, depending on requires that DeprBook GL integration or no).