FA depreciation with additional acquisition costs

Can anyone explain to me, how Navision calculates the depreciation, if there have been multiple acquisition type entries on one asset? Example: I have an asset, depreciation starting date is 01.11.04 and No. of depreciation years is 5. I am ok with depreciation calculated for 31.12.04 and 31.01.05, but I cannot understand, where the amount of 53 259,00 is coming from. I would like it to be (3 016 262,54 + 136 559,77)/1800*30=52 547, 04. FA Posting Date FA No. FA Posting Type Amount Days 31.10.04 PI001 Acquisition Cost 3 016 262,54 0 31.12.04 PI001 Depreciation -100 542,00 60 31.01.05 PI001 Depreciation -50 271,00 30 20.02.05 PI001 Acquisition Cost 136 559,77 0 28.02.05 PI001 Depreciation -53 259,00 30

Navision looks at the ending date specified in the FA Depreciation Book for that particular fixed assets. Every time you depreciate navision looks at the books value and the ending value and based on that calculated the depreciations. Therefore the depreciations for february in your example is calculated as follows: Book value 20/2 = 3.002.009,31 Last FA Ledger Entry 20/2 until ending date 31/10-09 = 1691 days Depreciations february if force 30 days = 3.002.009,31 / 1691 * 30 = 53259 If depreciations are not forced 30 days then navision will only calculate 11 days of depreciations 3.002.009,31 / 1691 * 11 = 19.528. If the navision documentation for fixed asset depreciations it states that navision always uses the date form the LAST FA ledger entry as starting date for the fixed asset depreciations. For me this must be an error that has not yet been reported and corrected. Anybody has been looking at this before ?? I know there is a way to have navision to start depreciate the new aquisition from the begin date in the depreciation book but what I would expect navision to do is to depreciate the book value against the remaing period using starting date as the last FA ledger entry with type depreciation and ending date as specified. In above example the correct depreciations would be: 3.002.009,31 / 57 months * 1 month = 52.667 KR Kim