FA and FAGL reconciliation

Hi there,

I got a problem in FA. I have fixed assets whose individual values total to something more than what it carries in the GL. For instance, the total ( BV) of furnitures in GL is USD 5,0000. However when book value of each individual furniture as managed by FA card is totaled it will come to 51,000. I need to consider GL as the correct . So in this case to reconcile the difference what i decided is create a Dummy FA card (Suspense record).

Kindly please suggest if this is a right idea. I would be happy to know if you have tried other alternatives in the same situation. By the way when FA ledger is lesser than GL it is simple, we can just have positive acquisition for the dummy asset but when the scenario is just opposite how do we post -ve acquisition? I would be really pleased to have your suggestions.

Thank you in Advance

There are 2 Journals - FA and FA GL journal.

FA journal hits only FA Ledger, but FA GL - both FA and GL Ledgers, IF Depr.Book in question is selected to integrate with GL.

Find those entries, which were made through FA journal and cancel them, there is such function in FA Ledger entries form. Additionally, check if all types of entries are checked to be integrated in GL, this might be another reason of FA-GL being out of sync, although transactions were posted in FA GL journal, not FA journal.

Hi Modris,

I am afraid I forgot to mention that this is not the issue in live NAV. Infact this inconsistency exists in the data to be migrated into NAV. I need to reconcile and FA and related GL to get it correct in NAV.

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