F8 Key.

Hi. We are developing a business solution for Accountant companies. When they punch journals they rely on speed. A lot of the information they enter can be duplicated from the line above. However, using the F8 key is located too far from the numerical keyboard. They need the duplicate key to be closer. This may seem like a strange problem, but I have seen how they work, and I understand their request. Any suggestions? Regards, Thomas Jensen Norway.

Well, maybe you can put some in the OnNewRecord Trigger of the Form, like Field1 := xRec.Field1; Field2 := xRec.Field2; ... Hope this could help … Regards,

Hi Thomas Maybe you should consider adding fields that need to be duplicated to the SetUpNewLine function in the table 81 the Gen. Journal Line.

HI. Thanks for your answears. I know about the setupnewline. I’m using it for some of the fields. However I need to use something like the F8 key. Regards, Thomas Jensen.

Another idea would be to define a new table holding a list of field numbers which you would like to copy with one keystroke. This could even be related to the Batch name you are in. When presing the hotkey you call a function which then copies the fields from the xRec

Another option is to simulate the F8 key press. There are details of how to do this here: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12842