extreme cpu usage of landsteinar data director

hi to everybody.I m using navision 3.60 with landsteinar module and data director.sometimes the system works fine with the cpu usage in very low levels , but ost of the time the cpu usage is 50% or more and i don’t understand why this happens.I m using an HP ML350 with navision 3.60 with SQL any ideas why this happens[?]

If you open “task manager” you can see what processes are running and taking what CPU%. This will give you a clue as to what process is eating your CPU cycles.

hi when i open the task manager one of the dbserver is using the most of the cpu.sometimes make the pc very slow. when i stop it and start the service again is working fine. I try to figure out why this happens.all the time when its stuck all the pos are freezing the can send anything.I can’t understand why this happens because it’s supposed that the pos clients can work standalone if something happens to the server. I don’t know if the setting in the data director are ok.If you have some ideas about that it will be very useful for me thanks