Extracting check data using MS Access

I need to provide check information to the bank for each check written or voided every day. The information required is: transaction date, check number, and amount. The information is used by the bank to verify the validity of checks presented for payment. I’m comfortable with MS Access, but don’t know where (in Navision) to locate the required information. Thanks, Lee

I have not the slightest idea about checks in Navision (never used them) but if you search in the object designer for tables with “check” in the table name, you end up with Table 272 “Check Ledger Entry”. So I guess that shuld be your target. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch

There is a bank reconciliation journal which you can use to make your ledger match the statement from your bank. You probably could use that. You might have to write an import routine of some sort (and consider use a nonprinting report instead of a dataport for heaven’s sake!!!) ------- Tim Horrigan

Oops! Silly me: the bank rec journal is what you use AFTER the bank clears your checks, etc. to make sure that what the bank has in your bank statement matches what you have in Navision. But Lee has the opposite problem: he (or she) wants to tell the bank what’s in his Navision database so the bank knows in advance how much the checks are for, etc., and to enable the bank to more readily detect unauthorized checks. I don’t really understand why he or she has to feed the info into MSAccess. If it’s just to use Access’s input forms and report writers, it would probably be easier just to write a Navision report which writes Check Ledger Entry lines to a text file (or maybe even to a printout.) The programming to do this should be simple: in fact, if it’s no big deal if the bank gets data for checks it’s already gotten data for previously, you can do this with a batch job WITHOUT modifying any standard posting routines or any tables at all! ------- Tim Horrigan horrigan@aol.com Edited by - horrigan on 12/9/00 2:37:02 AM