Extract Data from Nav into Xml/Flat-Files

I’d appreciate some advice on the best way to extract data from Navision into xml or positional/delimited flat-files for delivery to customers/suppliers via a 3rd party integration solution.

My client is currently using JetReports, but is experiencing difficulties with versioning, deployment and maintenance of the Excel files - I’m interested to know whether there are any other approaches. Is it possible to extract data directly from the SQL tables using T-SQL, or do we need to jump through additional (C_SIDE) hoops?

Hi Nick,

well, as you are using SQL Server there’s plenty of options - more convenient ones than the usual NAV hassle ;c)

  1. In SSMS you could save a TSQL query output to CSV file
  2. You could create TSQL queries using SELECT FOR XML
  3. You could create SSIS packages with Integration Services &Visiual Studio or using the “light” version in SSMS: Rightclick on a Database, then “Task”, then “Export Data” (the follow the wizard)

Hope some of this suits your needs (I’d prefer option 3).


Hi Jörg,

Many thanks for the prompt response. My plan is to use the BizTalk SQL Adapter to extract data from Navision to generate positional flat-files, so I’m pleased to hear that I can use SELECT FOR XML to extract the relevant data.

Thanks again for your help.