Extract a Base64 bitmap from XML in Navision?

I get XML files with embedded Base64 encoded bitmaps. How do I get them decoded to a file so I can view the pictures? I have tried using other automations, like adoStream and IXMLDOMText, but I’m getting nowhere. PS: I’m using 3.70 so please don’t tell me to use XMLPorts :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the ‘GetPicture’ procedure in Codeunit 99008516?

Thanks! That looks exactly like what I need. However, I seem to have problems with my installed automation servers, since I’m not able to create an instance of the Base64 automation. Always causing problems when having multiple Navision versions installed… [V] I guess I need to make a clean (virtual pc) installation. Secondly it now seems the solution I’m going to make should also work in Financials 2.01, so I guess we can’t rely on the CommerceGateway component. But it was silly of me not to check the CG objects - thanks for pointing me in this direction.