Extra Pages Printing

I use NAV 2009 R2 - and I decided I wanted to change the design of the report; for example make the fonts bigger remove some columns, etc… I did this in the Visual Studio

Everything took fine and I save the report, LOOKED GREAT! But now I keep getting a blank second page every time I print the posted deposit. How can I fix this?

Before printing the report from rtc, look at the report preview via page layout & you will know how many pages are getting printed.

After that see that look in the second page what is it trying to print, some kind of line or some extra space you must have left in the design.

Thank you but when I do print preview it shows all of the lines in the subform of the deposit on 1 page; unfortunately RTC does not break up the pages as you would think to see them.

After print preview in rtc click on page layout to see how many pages are there to print.