Extra granules required for User Portal

I have been reading many documents (too many) from various places and now I’m just confused. Here is my question: In order to use the User Portal functionality do I need any other granules? One document states: “And, there are no extra software costs! User Portal software is complimentary with any Navision solution.” Elsewhere I see that the Application Server granule is required (at an additional cost) and web users are also required (at additional costs). What is the story? Do I need web users or not? Do I need the application server or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue

This may not have been the right topic to post this question to. Sorry

Hi Sue, There are granules required for User Portal functionality. If they aren’t in your license or in your client’s license you can contact Navision to have them added at no extra cost. I have these two lines in my developer license: 6,710 User Portal 1 6,720 User Portal - Basic & Sales Activity Center 1 Regards, Django