Extra Granules required for User Portal

I have been reading many documents (too many) from various places and now I’m just confused. Here is my question: In order to use the User Portal functionality do I need any other granules? One document states: “And, there are no extra software costs! User Portal software is complimentary with any Navision solution.” Elsewhere I see that the Application Server granule is required (at an additional cost) and web users are also required (at additional costs). What is the story? Do I need web users or not? Do I need the application server or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue

“And, there are no extra software costs! User Portal software is complimentary with any Navision solution.” >> It’s mean there is no other software investments… to implement user portal, you only need ms digital dashboard which is free. About the license, u will need web users to accomodate number of concurent user that will use user portal. And if you still use product design & sales web part (standard webpart from navision) you will need product design & sales granule, which is need other granule to run the dataports (e.g : task management, contact management, etc : see granule requirements for product design & sales). But if you want to create independent webpart using upxml dataports ranging 50000 - 99999 (NSC objects) instead of product design & sales, you won’t need the product sales & design granule.

Thanks a lot for your reply Bayu. I guess web user licenses are not considered “extra software costs” but they ARE EXTRA COST. Pretty clever wording on their part I guess. And nowhere in the sales granule pricing does it state that web users are a prerequisite for User Portal. They are only listed as a prerequisite for the canned Sales and Product Design activity centers. Also, I have learnt that an Application Server is mandatory in order to use the User Portal (for updates) and I’ve been told that one instance of the server is included free with all Navision Installations. I had to get that piece of information from someone at Microsoft (after being transfered to 10 diffferent people)…not documented anywhere…that I found…and I looked. I have to say that our first attempt at quoting a Navision solution has been very painful due to lack of comprehensive and accurate sales material. Thanks Sue

why don’t you all use Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Connection?