Extra fields are added as titleFields on the form window when it is opened from another form

I have form3, which can be opened from form1 and form2 (there is a button on each form to open form3).

I want to see two title fields from the datasource of form3, so I have chosen these fields in the datasource table as the Titlefield1 and Titlefield2. And when I open form3 from AOT, everything is fine, I see these fields in the title of the form.

But when I open form3 by pushing the button on form1 or form2, new fields are added to the title of the form. My assumption is that it’s because of the relations. The form3 datasource has relations to form1 datasource and form2 datasource, when I open form3 by pushing the button, query gets filtered automatically thanks to these relations. I want to keep these relations and delete extra title fields from form3 i.e. only leave two fields from form3 datasource. How can I do this?