Extra adm.costs through invoice discount

After inserting the line for admin.costs automaticly (FUNCTIONS) I would like to post the order. The quantity is 1 before posting (in orderline) and 0 after posting. This happens in version 2.00. As far as I can see there is no customizing in that area (CU12 or CU80). Anyone can tell me a possible cause ? Best Regards, Mark Trouwborst LIMO Automatisering B.V. tel +31 (0)182 631 333

Hmm - To me it sounds like a costumization. I have never seen this function. Neither in the Danish, W1 or US or US,USDL Also useally when CU80 transfers the “Sales Lines” to “Sales Invoice Lines”, it do not change anythig. It performs a Transferfields, wich transfers field values from one table to annother, based on Field No. and Type. //Henrik Helgesen