extra account show in g/l entry as opening balance when i reverse wrong item in item journal

Hi guys i have one problem when i make reverse to finish production order but this production order finished and has wrong input quantity so that i make negative adjustment to output and positive adjustment to consumption with same quantity and cost. after this i see it i see reverse is OK in item ledger entry but in g/l entry i found all reverse to what i made but i see extra account when i open it i found as opening balance why this account extra come and are this will affect in calculation of all accounts i see all accounts debit in raw material account and credit in inventory adjustment and one extra account but why this extra account come. this extra account represent opening balance as credit so that i ask why this come. please help me. thanks

Kindly Check the Inventory adjustment account in General posting setup which account you have set.

I found this strange account is 999999 as opening balance as following

inventory adjustment

space open 999999 (open)

tp agg1 23881(inventory adjustment)

i found as following above but i want to know why this made what i make negative adjustment or positive adjustment to it is agg1 why it take 999999 account although it not related to it.

and how i solve this problem are there are any way to reverse accounts 999999 this or what i make

please help me


and how to correct this if possible .

correct meaning transaction that comes by wrong to account 999999 how i reverse it and what effect it can do


if i make correction field to general journal field and make reverse it will solve the proplem

are this true or false