External Part NUMBER

Dear Sir,

We have Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 suitable for discrete manufacturing, Also we have only one entity.

My query : Is it possible to have multiple vendor part numbers for a item? Example

Item A (our part number) is purchased from 4 vendors each having part number xyz, lmn, pqr, abc…

We understand that for item A we can mention external part numbers for each vendor. But kindly advice where we can search for external part numbers because in the main screen only following fields are available for searching: Product number, Item Number (our part number), Product name, search name.

Your advice appreciated.

The concept is to pick “your” item on the purchase order because you are ordering it. As you are on the purchase order you have specified the vendor and therefore the external number is written automatically to the purchase order. If you want to be able to search for a part by external item number where are you doing this from and why?