External Doc. No and Recrurring Journal

Hi am prasad,

i ve a doubt with two things…

i) Why External document no is required in the field…

ii) while posting recurring journal, we can enter the balance a/c in the next line itself. then y should allocation is allocated… is it used for every month means… how it will affect in G/l a/c…



Hi Prasad

First welcome to the user group! It’s very nice to see new members post their first questions. But I’ll just like to give you a little advise. Don’t use too general subjects (i.e. not just Navision) and also not just as a greating (like Hi). Instead write what your post is about. You can see your two posts, I have here changed the subject to reflect more what you have asked. You should make a post in the Introduction forum, so that we know a little more about you and your background.

To your question. External Document No. is required in some tables and not required in others. So it would help if you give a little more details about your issues. It’s better to post to many details than too few, if you like to receive a prompt and correct answer.

I ve doubt with Extrnal document no. Y such fild is important while posting.

In recurring journal we can enter line wise also. Then Y did the allocation purpose held.what is the main purpose. what is the benefit instead of recording line wise.

Explain me in detail.

This is a control mechanism. Do you work in a business where the number teh vendor (for example) needs to be recorded on purchase documents as they do not use your reference. If this is the case you set the external document to be mandatory, this is set in the purchase and payables setup in this example. The allocation in recurring journals allows you to split one line in many ways, it simply saves you re-typing each time that the electricity bill should be split in a set manner between departments. You do not have to use allocation.