Extension RePublish From New Sytem(New Folder)

Hi All,

I have Deployed all extensions on live. But now I want to Republish those extension through other system(other folder). When I do this it gives me below error

The application object of type ‘PageExtension’ with the ID ‘50101’ is defined in multiple apps. The apps are: Report2 by …; Report2 by …

I am doing this from other system.I have copy existing extension folder and now publishing from other system.

Please help me for this. Thanks in Advance.

Why do you want to republish from other system?

Which product is this about? I assume it’s NAV2018 or BC onprem, as you would not get this error in the cloud.

The error message tells you that pageextension object 50101 is already in the database and that your extension Report2 is already installed.

Normally you would be allowed to upgrade your extension this way, but it also tell you that it think that you have multiple apps. So my guess that either your app id or mayby publisher name has been changed. You would have to uninstall and unpublish and publish/install it again. Or fix the ID or whatever may be wrong. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]