Extension codeunit on subform pages

Hi all

I am having a problem calling an extension codeunit on a subform page.

I am exposing purchase orders through a page webservice. I have copied the pages 50 and 54, and made some modifications (narrowed the number of fields returned).

This all works fine.

But I need to call an extension codeunit on the purchase lines. This is no problem on the header, but since the purchase lines are exposed as part of the Purchase Order webservice and not through its own webservice, I cannot seem to figure out how to do this.

Do I really need to create a seperate service for the purchase lines and hook up the extension codeunit with this?

I’d rather not since it seems a lot faster (performance wise) to get the entire purchase order including lines with one call, compared to having two header/lines webservices and filter the search.

Anyone? :slight_smile: