Extended Text in Item Card

Hi guys,

I am facing an issue where I have an item and I have already key in the extended text. I have few lines of description for the item in it. The next step, I have tick the option ‘Automatic Ext. Text’ in the Item card. I have made sure that the tick in the Sales Order are in in the extended text setting.

Now, when I try to do Sales Order and choose the particular item, first, the extended text is not appearing at the line below the item and when I try to print the Order Confirmation, it is not there either.

I have tried with few sales order and still face this issue. Is there anything else that I miss out?

Thanks guys in advance.

Welcome to DUG

Please check for what Language code you set the Extended Texts

I set the tick for all language code. I am able to see the extended text under sales quote print out but not at sales order confirmation print preview.

I can see in Standard Order Confirmation report also.

Have you done any customizations or using your own report?

I have checked the sales order report. It is the standard report with id : 205. Pls let me know if this is not the one.