Extended data types and table relations.


I have heard that (one of exam on AX) that “Extended data types” - one of the advantage is :

Relations between tables are applied automatically.

How can that be? - I need sample, please.

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Hello Eitan,

You can specify a relationship between the extended data type and a table field.

Suppose you have an Extended Data Type ‘X’ on which you have created and defined a relation with a field of table ‘A’. Now suppose you have a table ‘B’ which has a field ‘F’ which has the Extended Data Type ‘X’. When you go to the table browser of the table ‘B’ you will see the lookup symbol on the field ‘F’ on clicking of which shows the lookup of table ‘A’. This lookup is shown because of the relation you have defined on Extended data type ‘X’ with the field of table ‘A’. This is how relations between tables are applied automatically by using Extended data types. You don’t need to separately create and define a relation between table ‘B’ and table ‘A’. If the field ‘F’ of table ‘B’ did not had the Extended data type ‘X’ you would have to create a new relation on table ‘B’ and define the relation between the field ‘F’ and the field of table ‘A’ to get a lookup of table ‘A’ on the field ‘F’ of table ‘B’.

I hope this answers what you asked for.

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what you explained in that post is good. Its very understandable for new learners if you post clearly

HI All,

how many types of relations present in axapta 2012,please any one can clarify my dought.