Extended Data Type(emergency)

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What is Extended Data Type…Is it related with tables relarionships??

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Extended data types define the data types in AX, they can be basic types as string, integer, arrays but they can also be inherited from another dataTypes, cool if you want to have a specific data type like string with specific size or integer strictly positive. They are related to tables relationShips, you can see it in the relation node of your extended datatype.



Thank you for your answer but I do not understand the relationship between two tables. For instance; Invent trans ID is defined in Invent Trans Table however this field also used in another table; for example we use salesline table in our factory. I want to see this relationship but how??

InventTransId is a unique transaction Id for every inventory related transaction can be a purchase line, sales line , production etc

The salesLIne and inventTrans are related by InventTransId, which can find in the relations node of inventTrans table.

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