Extend Segment - Add Contacts with ILE fields

We quite often use Segments in Navision CRM. We can use a lot of criteria, but we are missing the Product Group criteria based on Items. We would like to select those customers who bought items in a particular Product Group. One of the Data Items in the ‘Add contacts’ report 5198 is Value Entry, but this tabel doesn’t contain the Product Group Code field. it does contain the Item No and the Inventory Posting Group, but the first one is to detailed, and the second one is to general. Sigh…[:(]

Would it be possible to add the Item Ledger Entry table in the report 5198? If yes, were should I place it (Sequence, Indent, DataItemLinkReference etc.)?

Having a brief look at that repot I would consider actually changing the value entry data-item to the item ledger entry table.

Note that if you change the dataitme i think the code that is currently on the predataitem and onaftergetrecord triggers may disappear and you will need this. Also you will need to add a suitable key based on what you will want to search on.

Yup, can can add it to the report, add it above the Last Integer dataitem and make its indent = 1.

Make sure you put the same code that is on the other dataitems (eg. Contact Profile Answer) on the OnAfterGetRecord() & OnAfterGetRecord() triggers. Then it should be fine.

I agree with Simon too, rather explore you options especially if youre thinking of adding Item Ledger entry it would have a drastic impact on performance. You may want to consider completely re-writing the report and making ILE the main dataitem and Contact the link - purely from performance point of view.

Thanks for the replies guys,

I’ll start testing!