Exporting to Excel

Hi guys

I have only just started using NAV5.0 and getting very frustrated as I cannot export to excel many of the reports that are system implemented at my office.

I enter in all the fields of my report and click preview. A preview then open, but when I click on the export to excel buttton nothing happens. This feature works in the list views, and card views but not when I run these reports.

I am accessing NAV 5.0 using remote login over a citrix VPN.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this issue. I cannot seem to find this question before but I apolgise in advance if it has already been answered.



Hi Nicholas and welcome to forum!

This is by design - buttons Export to Excel, export to Word would NOT export Reports - only List & Card Forms. (and even this possibility is introduced just some versions ago).

With reports you have only two options - save as HTML, which will give almost unusable result, depending on how complex the report is, or, ask your Partner to modify the Report, adding export to Excel functionality - there is a mechanism to do so. But don’t expect a WYSIWYG result - this will be a “standart” Excel sheet with rows & cols of data from report only. This coding must be done with EVERY report one by one, no global solutions.

Then, you might search forum for “export report” - there are many threads already about different third party solutions, as exporting (“printing”) to PDF and so on.

Thank you for your reply. It has been very useful.