Exporting table's data (Nav Classic)

Hello everyone,

I’m using Classic Nav2009 no SQL server

I’m trying to export a table that I just created in a test environment to the live Nav server.

I populated it with a considerable amount of data

When I’m in the object designer and go to file–>Export
The 3 options are to export as .fob .xml and .txt
Neither of them offers the option to include the actual data, is only the table’s definition

Then I tried back-up but that option will backup the whole db not just a single table.

How can I export the table definition and then the table’s data?

Thanks in advance!

The export option will export the object i.e Table definition and not the Table data

For exporting data from table you need to write Dataport/XMLPORT and then import it using dataport/XMLPORT in another database.

I used Dataport, worked nicely