Exporting MS Excel Issue

hi, im having a problem exporting in ms excel 2003 SBE, is there any issue using Small Business Edition?

What problem are you having?
Are you getting an error message?
If so, What’s the message?
Are you saying you had it working for other versions?

hi savatage, thanks for the reply.

here’s the error message:

This message is for C/AL programmers:

The call to member XmlMaps failed. Microsoft office Excel returned the following message:

This method or property is available only in Microsoft Office 2003 Professional.


Well, the message clearly says that MS Office 2003 Professional only ‘knows’ this method! So, … the SBE version does not.

Binging on XmlMaps you will find some MS articles. For example this one. The Remarks section clearly states:

XML features, except for saving files in the XML Spreadsheet format, are available only in Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and Microsoft Office Excel 2003.