Exporting/Importing table structure with data

Dear All, Can any one help me how to export 1 or more tables/forms/reports with complete structure and data. I am using file->Export feature of Navision 3.10, to export a table with the data. While I am importing it into another database using the file ->Import feature of Navision I could only retrive the structure of the exported table. I want to import the table structure with data. Thanx in advance… Regards

Hi Vijay, File->Export feature of Navision only export the structure of objects not the data. To export the data you can use the dataport. Similarly for File->Import.

Hi Vijay. IF you design the table and set the property IncludeDataInDesc = Yes, you will export the data in File->Export.

Hi Gudmundur, Had you tried this property while exporting and importing the data? As per my knowledge this property is reserved for future use and functionality is not available till Navision 3.1 version.

Hi What Gudmundur said , has reference to earlier versions Attain , i think before 3.00. But in those verisons also, even though in the help it was specified as said by Gudmundur, to my knowledge it never worked. And i think thats the reason why they removed it in the present versions. cheers MK

Hmmm. After seeing this “used” in 2.60 and “verifying” it in the Dev.manual I felt sure but… my mistake. [:I] [:D] I tried now both in 2.60 and 3.10 and neither is working (tried also to set datapercompany=false if someone is wondering…). The only way seems to be to use dataport as Rajeshj has already pointed out.