Exporting Data witout Transactions

Hi All,

Please help me how to export data from without transations like item transactions,Ledger Transactions etc.

Thank YOu,

Which version?

Why do you want to do this?

What tools have you assessed?

What is your partners policy/recommendation?

Hi Shaheed,

Since you filed this under AX 2009, I guess you were referring to AX 2009.

If this is the case, just do SQL database export from source system and import into target system. Then in the target system, run the class ‘SystemDatabaseTransDelete’ which should clear the transactions and leave master data.

Also please do a search for ‘SystemDatabaseTransDelete’ here and you will find loads of info.

Hi Shaheed,

I agree with Harish about the exporting master data.

Even i would suggest make test copy of Axapta instance with database and run SystemDatabaseTransDelete class which clears all the transactions from axapta and leaves only master data. Take a backup of Axapta Database containing master data or do your testing on it.