Exporting CSIDE data

Any one tell me how we can export CSIDE data to any other database format like sql server. To interface it with the sql server application. Whether navision provides any tools for this purpose

I see 2 major ways 1) dataport Nav table → nav dataport → csv table → other db 2) automation call other db engine (ms jet or ms sql or other thru odbc) with ole automation from nav codeunit 3) streams maybe? i have no streams experience

Hi SV, yes there is no tool to do such things. you must code your own dataports for exporting data and in case for related tables it isn’t easy to do, cause the new database has to understand the relation between the different tables.

Just create a DTS in SQL, and use the ODBC interface to pull the data from Navision. There are many many other options, and Navision provide MANY tools to allow you to do this. If you can be more clear on your actual requirements, then I can be more specific. If it is an ongoing process, you may be better off running Navision on SQL, and just using the Navision internal tools to write straight to the other SQL database.