Exporting Budget to Excel

Hello Folks,

Is any one using Navision Functionality for Exporting Budgets on to Excel?

I have a little problem: After Clicking the button to “Export to Excel” I fill up the G/L Budget Entry Tab with the required fields and in options Tab: I have filled in the following:

Start Date: 01/01/09

No.of Periods: 12

Period Length: 1Y (1 Year)

Left Column Dimension blank and have placed a check mark in “Include Totaling Formulas”

Now the result, The budget on the Excel doesn’t show me the Columns by Month instead by Years. I’m not a Technical so unable to understand this logic but functionally this should show months instead of Years.

Any Idea friends??

However, now I suggest my users to copy & paste on to the excel instead of using Navision new function (Excel Icon button on the Screen) as few fields are Truncated.

Hi Blue Sky,

There is a close relation between the “No. of Periods”-parameter, and the “Period Length”-parameter.
You should define Period Length: 1M (1 month)
1 collumn is equivalent to 1 period.
You also have defined that you want 12 periods. If those periods are 1 month, then it adds up to 1 full year, split into 12 collumns.

Hello Alexandar, Thanks… you were correct!! these 2 fields have very close relation. Some times can be confusing!! Anyway, I entered Period Length as “1M” and No of Periods as “12” and it worked.

thanks, like your quote-Don’t be afraid to Ask, we all had to learn & still learning.