Exporting and Importing detailed aged open debtors documents into a new company


New Dynamics Nav user here.

I need to export all detailed aged debtors accounts, tidy up and clean out the rubbish and import into a brand new company, suitably aged. Any suggestion as to where to start will be appreciated. I am struggling to find any help on this.

Thanks, Ivor.


Since you noted NAV, I would create a Configuration Package on the Table Customer Ledger Entries with a Filter to ONLY INCLUDE ‘OPEN’ = TRUE records. You can export this to Excel and then clean up and import into a NEW Company back into NAV or BC.


Thanks a million Steve. Didn’t realise it would be that easy. Appreciated. Can I push my luck and ask another question? I need to transfer 3 years of GL transactional history as well. Do I pretty much do the same using the G/L Entry or G/L Account tables. Once all is done, we are migrating the new company to BC.

Thanks again


Yes, you will write to the General Journal Line table the entries for the 3 years and they will need to balance by month, document no., etc… IT is easy after you create the Export template and import.


Thanks again Steve,


Just remember you can’t import directly into the Ledger Tables, you’ll want to import into a Journal and then Post the Journal.


Thanks Ben,

I wouldn’t go near the tables, but It will be a mighty big journal :slight_smile: