Does anyone have experience with :

XMLPORT.EXPORT(Number, OutStream[, Record])

I use the ‘Record’ parameter :

XMLPORT.EXPORT(XMLPORT::“Exact export”,lOutStream,lTmpVendorLedgerEntry);

My XMLPort is constructed on ‘Vendor Ledger Entry’ and ‘GL Entry’.

On Run time Navision complains aubout the fact that no XMLItem that uses table 25 (Vender Leger Entry) uses in the function SetTableView.

Beats me.

You are sending in a Vendor Ledger Entry record, so your XMLPort must be designed to receive one. It must have an element with source type ‘Table’, with the Vendor Ledger Entry table as the DataSource.


all this is the case. Navision does not recognize the Vendor Ledger Entry as a dataitem.

Try to use a variable which is not temporary instead.

You could use the MARK(TRUE) /MARKEDONLY(TRUE) combination on a real Vendor LEdger Entry table instead.

Temporary tables and tables do NOT use the same table number, even though they are sharing the same name !!!

I solved by setting ‘Tempary’-property on the Table. In a function on the XML-port the temporary table is filled. By calling the XML-port by CA/L code this function is executed before the XML-port retrieves records from the temporary table.

I didn’t try your possible solution yet. Thank you anyway.