Export to Microsoft Office Functionality


I am a new Nav developer attempting to set up the functionality to export reports to excel in Dynamics Nav 2009 R2.

When I click the export to excel button on the toolbar when viewing a report, nothing happens. However, when I am viewing an item card of any table it informs me that I do not have a default stylesheet set up.

However, when I click on Manage Stylesheets, nothing happens.

How can I get Nav to export to Excel?

Please let me know if you need any more information, thank you.

Welcome to DUG!!!

First of All Which version of Nav you are using ? It is Classic or RTC ?

Excel to export button on toolbar is for exporting data from Card & List Form and not applicable for Reports. If you are using classic client then For reports you need to write a program for exporting the data to excel .

If you are using RTC client then there is button in Report preview for saving the report directly to Excel .

For stylesheets you need to import stylesheet in Manage Stylesheets .Have a look at Demo Database.

I am using the Classic client.

How would I go about exporting report data to excel? It is mainly the reports we would like exported.

You need to write a code using Excel Buffer or Excel Automation for exporting report data to excel.