Export to Excel

Account schedule line description field length is 80. But actually, when I have created a line with description longer than 50 characters and try to export the overview to excel, then I get the error message: Overflow under type conversion of Text to Text. Version is 3.60. The same type of error in analysis by dimensions window. Has this been fixed in further versions?

Hi Riina, In the report ID 29 (“Export Acc Schedule to Excel”), the function “EnterCell” carries a Local parameter “CellValue” as Text 50. Change this to 80 or 100. Cheers

Are you sure there has been no modifications? According to me standard length of this field is 30, so someone probably forgot to modify the filed length everywhere where needed (f.i. some globals i the Codeunit that are used).

Hi all, it’s an error that has been fixed with Nav 3.70:


A100) Export to Excel File Error When you exported an account schedule to Excel, the following error message would appear: “Type conversion error text to text”. This was because the Cell Value local variable should be 250 instead of 50 in the Entercell function in the Export Acc. Sched to Excel report (29). This has been corrected. Report 29 Export Acc. Sched to Excel

Saludos Nils