Export to Excel with Globals

Hello all.

I have been asked to convert report 713 to be able to export to excel. It has done something a little strange though. When it runs, the fields that are called by global functions are 1 set of records behind, as if it is calling the previous record, rather than the current.


I’m using 2009 classic by the way, many thanks for any help.


Which NAV version you are using ?

Are you using Automation to export to excel or using excel buffer table to export.



Hi Bheem,

I’m using 2009 classic using the Excel Buffer table.



I think this is due to wrong parameters in your function call. Can you paste the code snippet here.

Item Dataset

Value Item dataset

Report dataset

I haven’t changed any code from the original report (713), it’s all as it is “out of the box”

Many thanks