Export to Excel in AX 2012 form


I have to export data to Excel from two grids simultaneously in a form. Is there any possibility to do so.


Project and accounting Module → All projects → Double click any project → Plan TAB-> Click → PROJECT BUDGET button

A new form open in that Goto-> General TAB → Export to Excel .

Have to export data to Excel from COST Grid and REVENUE grid simultaneously in a Button click.

Please help me to fix the issue.


Hi Mohamed,

Have you find any solution to this problem.

Thanks & Regards


this is not exactly solution , but yes it can work as a workaround.

Right Click on FORM and select Edit , from here you can move your fields from one grid to another grid, just move your fields from revenue grid to COST grid. Now Export it to excel(ctrl + E)

hey guys did you got your answer?